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Description: Paradigm parameters: “In this persuasive essay (3 pages excluding cover page and Reference page), you are to weigh in on the issue. Essay must include the following citation components: 1- Begin with an introductory quote that focuses your thesis 2- An introductory paragraph with a definite thesis or a clear indication to point of view – (SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS ENFORCING MENTAL EVALUATION AS CONDITION TO CARRY) 3- Include three (3) independent ethos sources (to cite the same source 3x’s is not three individual sources). 4- Anecdotal evidence to support your thesis. 5- A conclusive paragraph that either reasserts your thesis or instigates a call to action.

Ethical Organizational Behavior

Topic: Ethic org Behavior
Subject Area: Ethics
Document Type: Coursework
Country: United States
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Due In: 3 days
Writing Style: APA
Academic Level: Master
Language: ENGLISH(US)
Instructions: I will like to Have a 2 page double spaced paper written by you guys, see subject topic below, please let me know if you have any questions and what it will cost me. Thanks Chi By now, we’ve discussed several aspects of organizational life that influence how well employees engage. Let’s apply them to real life. Think about an important goal at work in which you have to engage someone else’s cooperation or support in order to meet a critical 2016 business objective.


1. Describe the importance of this goal and your respective roles. What are your respective roles? What’s at stake if you succeed? If you fail? What’s the level of support you currently provide each other? (4pts) 2. Describe the impact of diversity on your communication and work styles. We’ve talked about socio-economic issues, global and cultural influences as well as personality preferences. (6 pts) 3. Take Angela Duckworth’s 3 minute, grit scale ( Reflect on the results. What does it imply about your current ability to succeed on the above goal. I just met with a client who claimed their brand stood for “Make it happen, at all costs!” What does it suggest about your “partner’s ability”? How does this relate to what you’re reading on motivation (Chapter 7) and the Big Five traits (Chapter 5)? Should we add another factor for Grit? Why or Why not? (4 pts) 4. Finally, what will you do differently given this insight about yourself and your “partner”? (6 pts)

American Literature

Topic: American Literature, your choice of the 3 options
Subject Area: Literature
Document Type: Essay
Country: United States
Pages: 8 pages/approx 2200 words
Double spacing: No
Due In: ​2​ days
Writing Style: MLA
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Language: ENGLISH(US)
Instructions: –I HAVE ATTACHED LESSON 7 –Your choice of the 3 options below. For your final essay, you should choose one of the following options. 1. Compare and contrast In Cold Blood to another filmed depiction of the true crime genre, whether in feature film or TV series form. Have a debatable, persuasive claim and focus on specific points of comparison, using the Lesson in week 7 (VEIW ATTACHMENT) to guide your structure. Please consult MLA guidance to see how to cite television and film! 2. View the list of essayists in the Lesson for week 7 (VEIW ATTACHMENT). Search the internet for an essay by your selected author and read it. Compose a thesis that has a persuasive, debatable claim about the significance of the message or theme in the essay or the success/effectiveness of the essay as a whole. Summarize the essay in your intro paragraph, end the paragraph with your thesis, and be sure to include your three points of evidence in your thesis statement. Cite the essay as you would any article on the internet as you examine your points of evidence. 3. Compare and contrast John Grisham’s piece to any essay, long-form article on a website like The Atlantic or other news sources, or film/documentary that explores a contemporary social issue that matters to you. Have a debatable, persuasive claim and focus on specific points of comparison, using the Lesson in week 7 (VEIW ATTACHMENT) to guide your structure. Submission Instructions: Your essays should be in MLA Style and approximately 1625-1950 words, not including the Work(s) Cited page. Meeting the minimum word requirement makes you eligible for a C grade. Meeting the maximum word requirements makes you eligible for an A grade. As with most academic writing, this essay should be written in third person. Please avoid both first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your). In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the due date for the assignment on consecutive lines. Double space your information from your name onward, and don’t forget a title. All papers should be in Times New Roman font with 12-point type with one-inch margins all the way around your paper. All paragraph indentations should be indented five spaces (use the tab key) from the left margin. All work is to be left justified. When quoting lines in literature, please research the proper way to cite short stories, plays, or poems. You should use the online APUS library to look for scholarly sources. Be careful that you don’t create a “cut and paste” paper of information from your various sources. Your ideas are to be new and freshly constructed. Also, take great care not to plagiarize.