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The Allure of Premeditated Murder

Scholarly Book Review Scholarly Book Review – The final component of this course is for you to read the book, The Allure of Premeditated Murder, and write a scholarly book review. For this assignment, you must cite at least five peer-reviewed articles, not books, in your review. Your scholarly book review must be between 2,250 to 2,700 words. For this assignment, you need to do more than merely provide merely provide a synopsis of the book. Rather, provide a scholarly analysis of the book and explain what, if anything, it contributes to our understanding of serial murder.

Penetration Test Proposal

Penetration Test Proposal
Deliverable 4: Final Penetration Test Proposal

Course Number and Section:

Rules of Engagement
Include a brief description of the penetration test project.

Discuss the scope of the penetration test (pen test).

Provide a list of the testing requirements.

Ethical Considerations
Describe how you will apply appropriate ethical principles throughout the penetration testing process.

Reconnaissance Plan
Provide a summary of the Reconnaissance phase.

Reconnaissance Methods
Identify specific methods and demonstrate a structured and ordered methodology while gathering key information that could be used to penetrate the network and systems of Haverbrook Investment Group. Discuss in detail both passive and active methods of reconnaissance.

Scanning Plan

Provide a summary of the Scanning phase.

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Outline and discuss specific use cases to discover and enumerate information that could be used for potential exploitation. Some examples of information that you are gathering from Haverbrook Investment Group’s systems are usernames, machine names, shares, and services from a system. Identify any software, applications, or scripts that will be needed and provide a description of how this software will be used to gather information about Haverbrook’s systems.

Gaining Access Plan

Provide a summary of the Gaining Access phase.

Vulnerable Resources
Identify the resources where vulnerabilities can be located and include a brief description of those resources. Be sure to include a reference to the vulnerability, i.e., NVD.

Techniques and Software
Provide the techniques and any software, applications, or scripts that will be used in gaining access to the network(s) or system(s) along with a description of each technique. Refer to Chapter 6 in the textbook for additional information.

Maintaining Access Plan
Provide a summary of the Maintaining Access phase.

Techniques and Software
Identify the techniques used to maintain network and/or system access. Provide a brief summary of each technique. Include any software, applications, or scripts that may be needed to maintain access in the network or system(s). Refer to Chapter 6 in the textbook for additional information.

Covering Your Tracks Plan
Provide a summary of the Cover Your Tracks phase.

Techniques and Software
Identify the methods, software, applications, scripts and any other means of covering your tracks. Provide a brief description of how each of these will be used to hide from the system administrator. Refer to Chapter 6 in the textbook for additional information.


The Letter

The Letter (Unit 3)

This assignment requires that you to pick a current animal welfare/rights or conservation related issue concerning animals and take action by writing a letter expressing your position on this issue. Consider picking an issue concerning animals used in research experimentation, animals in entertainment, companion animals or farmed animals, or wildlife. Finding a specific and current issue will require some time and thought. Don’t rush it. Look on websites, and check social media such as FB.

What makes this assignment different is that, besides turning in the letter to me, you need to actually send it (either electronically via email or with an envelop and stamp) to the person you addressed it to. Just coming up with a good current issue and researching it enough to figure out where you stand on the topic and who you should write your letter to will require a lot of research. It’s not easy.

Once you find a specific and current issue that interests you, read up on it on a variety of websites, not just one. Find news articles on it. Then decide what kind of letter you want to write. Two popular ideas are: 1) a letter to a government official asking them to support a pending bill or take some current political action; 2) a letter to the executive director or CEO of a corporation or the owner of a store or business. Your letter should be well researched and include in-text references to your sources to substantiate your claims. No Works Cited page is needed as this is a letter.

Once you find an issue you like, you need to think about who your letter will go to. Who are you writing to? This is tricky and interesting because you need to address the letter to a real person and once you figure that out, your letter starts taking shape in terms of how you will need to frame it because of who will be reading it and the impact you wish to achieve. I’m looking for letters that are well researched and well written, but also letters that WILL MAKE THE MOST IMPACT in terms of who they are addressed to, what the issue is, what has recently happened to make the letter timely, etc. You should write this letter in correct business-letter format as well.

As I mentioned above, you must actually send your letter (for real!) to the person addressed and prove that you did so. You can send it via email but before you hit SEND, you must document your work to me via a screen shot and a Word document. (The Word Document is to ensure that I can read the letter.) Post both the screen shot and the Word document under ASSIGNMENTS. You may also BCC me in your letter. If you are writing a letter to be mailed by the US Post Office, you will need to take a photograph of the letter and the stamped addressed envelope in order to receive credit.

Signing a petition and adding a few of your own words to a form letter doesn’t cut it. It has to be a letter written by you that helps further the goals of a campaign or brings out your informed opinion on a current important animal-related issue. It should be around 300 words. Keep it straightforward and concise (get to the point); make it personal and heartfelt (why do you care?) and be clear on what you want the government official or readership or corporate boss to do (concrete, specific action steps.)

The letter you write will be submitted three times:
Once to the person to which it is addressed, and
Twice to me via screen capture and Word document or BCC and Word document

NOTE: The video that accompanies this assignment is a bit dated. You do not need to join a group as described in the video. You should skip that part, but you can, however, consider researching current animal-related events in one of the five categories I listed that interests you and see what you find. For the record, those categories or groups are: 1) Farmed Animals, 2) Animals used in Experimentation, 3) Animals Used in Entertainment, 4)Wildlife, and 5) Companion Animals.
If you have an idea and aren’t sure about it, or have two ideas and can’t decide, email me and we can discuss it. I am always happy to offer suggestions and guidance.
DON’T FORGET: I need proof that you sent the letter to the person you said you did. So you will need to take a screen shot if you are sending a letter out from a website’s formatted page, or I will need to be bcc’d in the letter if you send it email, or if you go the old fashioned route of snail mail, (which by the way, gets more attention than any other kind of letter) then I’ll need a smart-phone photo of the letter and the addressed and stamped envelope, all legible please. Save your letter in a simple word document and post that, along with the screen shot or photo, under the appropriate assignment.


Have to write a philosophy response paper on Heraclitus. Give a small bio Over him then state one of his philosophies he made and whether you agree with it or not. Then explain why you do or don’t. Has to be 1 1/2- 2 pages, single spaced, Font Times New Roman, Font Size 12. If you use any websites or books to help please site where it came from.


the word “blog” is thrown about quite loosely, and people use it to refer to other kinds of web sites, too — but in English class, we stick with the original and true meaning of the word.

BLOG TOPIC #1: Watch Submission:

Part 1 (the link is below, and also in the post before this one, about Ayaan Hirsi Ali) and also read or watch any web content you choose about the history of this short film and the murder of the filmmaker. You can easily find a lot of information about this topic just by search terms:

Submission Part 1, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh filmmaker In a recent controversy involving threats of murder to someone in Europe insulting Islam, a 16-year old French girl on Instagram has now been forced to leave school and go into hiding because her life is at risk. Mila likes to sing and perform on Instagram. When she did not return the sexual advances of a Muslim fan, and he then insulted her, the conflict grew and at one point, she insulted his religion. Many people sent her rape and death threats for this, and say she was rude and wrong and deserved punishment, and these people are protesting against her with the hashtag #jesuispasmila (“I am not Mila”). But, many other people support her, argue for freedom of expression, and protest her treatment with the hashtag #jesuismila (“I am Mila”). This type of hashtag began with #jesuischarlie to show solidarity and support after the 2015 massacre of cartoonists and magazine staff, a killing spree that happened because the “Charlie Hebdo” magazine, which specializes in satire and often criticizes religions, published rude and insulting cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammed. The jihadi murderers killed 12 people and injured 11 more. I have attached information to introduce you to these events, as they are part of recent history and demonstrate the seriousness of this issue in our world today. You may want to check out the arguments both for and against freedom of expression. Learn more about Islamic blasphemy and apostasy prohibitions, the scripture and traditions that lead many people across the planet to believe that it is a holy duty to silence and punish those who insult the Islamic religion. Also consider your own religious beliefs or lack of them, and consider your own understanding of freedom of belief and self-expression, and its importance in society. The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” recognizes freedom of conscience (belief) and speech (expression), but Islamic nations do not use that document as the foundation for their laws, so obviously, there is a lack of “universality” to belief in these concepts, and this is this basis of major cultural and civilizational conflict in our world today. What is your perspective? How would you like to see this conflict resolved? Should freedom win? Or should western people learn to accept Islamic blasphemy laws within our societies and change our way of life to make new settles comfortable? Will adopting new Islamic blasphemy prohibitions make our society safer and more peaceful? Once you feel you have a decent understanding of this topic, write a personal response about your learning experience and any connection you have with this topic and these ideas.

Forces influencing global business

Your goal in Assignment 2 is to identify two or three countries for further analysis.
In Module 2, you explored economic and socioeconomic, physical and environmental, socio-cultural, political, and legal forces and their influence on business. These are important forces to consider when expanding or establishing operations in a foreign country or investigating opportunities to target new markets in the global economy.
In Assignment 2, you will refer back to the learning activities you completed in Module 2, and use the lists and information you compiled in those activities to help you conduct research on the appropriate country/countries in which to establish your new business venture.
Part A: Assessing Environmental Forces (30 marks)
Write a 4–6-page report (1,000 to 1,500 words, double-spaced) with the following:
Conduct a preliminary assessment of geographic, social-cultural, political, legal, and economic factors that create international business opportunities or constraints facing the product or service that you have identified for your new international business.
Using the information you have collected above, identify five countries that you believe are potential targets for location of your business venture and briefly defend your selections.
Part B: Applying the SMART Model (30 marks)
Apply the Simple Multiple-Attribute Rating Technique (SMART) model for the five countries that you have selected as potential locations for your new international business venture. This model requires you to determine key factors that will influence your decision, to assign values for each criteria for each country, and to compare them in a numerical matrix to indicate the “best fit” for your product or service.
Read the material in Appendix D: The SMART Model for Decision Making in Business.
Create a table and apply the SMART model. Select at least five important criteria that you identified in Part A of this assignment for the location of your international business venture. You should have a minimum of five criteria to apply the SMART model for each of the five to seven countries you identified.
Using the results of application of the SMART model and based on the above criteria, select two countries that you believe are good potential host countries for your international business and clearly explain why these countries have the best potential.
Part C: Selecting Two Countries for Review (25 marks)
Write a 1-page proposal (250 words, double-spaced) to:
Select two countries for review. Explain your rationale.
At this time, you are required to select two countries that you believe are appropriate for the location of your international business venture. For the remainder of the assignments (and in your Final Project), you will investigate these countries as part of the research and analysis for your international business venture. You may identify additional countries but will earn no extra marks for investigating more than two countries. If you feel you cannot limit your selection to two countries, you may discuss this with your Open Learning Faculty Member. Bear in mind that one of these countries will become the focus of the in-depth country profile you develop for your Final Project.
Part D: Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges (15 marks)
Write a 2-page report (500 words, double-spaced) to:
Summarize the information gathered in this assignment as it relates to forces influencing global business; briefly highlight the opportunities, challenges, and constraints for the potential success of internationalizing your product or service as they relate to the environmental forces in these countries.

Types of firewalls

Consider the following scenario: The senior systems analyst has tasked you to conduct a briefing on the different types of firewalls. In this briefing, you must show a diagram of where on the LAN the firewalls are placed on the network. Utilize the following guidelines to create your PowerPoint presentation: One slide will consist of a LAN diagram of the location of a firewall. The other three slides should describe the types of firewalls. Utilize the Notes section of the slides to explain phases and additional information
Your completed PowerPoint presentation should be six slides in length, which includes your title and reference slides. You should present your text in bulleted lists and add additional information in your notes section of the slides. Include at least two sources in your assignment. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines. Make sure you format your presentation according to APA style. If you need a refresher on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, refer to the Writing Center resources included in the Unit I PowerPoint assignment instructions.

Authentic leadership

Discussion post sample

In my perspective, authentic leadership indicates one of the newest approaches of leadership that focuses on whether leadership is genuine and real.  The possible suggestions are that three ways that authentic leader would respond differently occurs through self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, and relational transparency that enhances positive psychological capacities, and moral reasoning (Northouse, 2013).  In my reasonable opinion, anyone should be lead by you when considering the four key positive psychological attributes.  The rationale is that four key positive psychological attributes that have an impact on authentic leadership comprised of confidence, hope, optimism, and resilience (Northouse, 2013).  A strength of authentic leadership is that the approach fulfills an expressed need for trustworthy leadership in society (Northouse, 2013).  Qureshi and Hassan (2019) showed that authentic leadership are a character-driven leadership model encompassed morality, integrity, and authenticity.  Yuan-Duen and Chen-Tsung (2018) also showed that idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration enhances an administrator of a hospital leadership role.  The rationale is that authentic leadership have been advocated as productive because the administrator of a hospital leadership role contributes to the development of capacity and commitment (Yuan-Duen & Chen-Tsung, 2018).  Through assessment, central administration may enhance leadership confidence, motivation, and skills needed to conceptualize and exceptional practical guidance.  Through communication, leadership tool, and strategy clarify the dynamics of leadership and social influence (Ruben, Lisi & Gigliotti, 2018).  Through also assessment, Chul-Ho (2018) elucidates that strengthening participant’s self-management contributes to improving commitment through adherence.
Northouse, P.  G.  (2013).  Leadership: Theory and Practice.  (6th ed.).  Sage Publication, Inc.,
            Los Angeles, CA.
Qureshi, M.  A., & Hassan, M.  (2019).  Authentic leadership, ethical climate and workplace
            incivility: How authentic leadership prevents deviant work behavior – A case from
            Pakistan.  Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences, 12(1), 1-1.  doi:10.34091/AJSS.12.1.13
 Yuan-Duen, L., & Chen-Tsung, K.  (2018).  Principals’ transformational leadership and
         teachers’ work motivation: Evidence from elementary schools in Taiwan.  International Journal of 

Kidney diseases

Consider M3 on Curtler’s page 167. Using the tools we have discussed, please answer the question in the prompt. Excellent answers will be free of fallacies, provide strong arguments, and involve clear moral theories. HERE IS THE M3 INFO Dr. Herold Goldstein specializes in kidney diseases. He has three patients in critical condition, all of whom are on dialysis machines waiting for a kidney donor. one of the patients is a seven-year-old. Another is a thirty-five-year old mother of three children whose husband has recently filed for divorce. the third is a former all-pro cornerback who now, at the age of forty-two, coaches football at the local high school. a donor is found who can provide a kidney for one of the patients, but the likely hood is that another will not be found in time to help the other two patients. which of the three patients should dr. Goldstein select for the donor kidney, and why?

How does the behavior affect the brain development?

Literature Review Final Paper Instructions
Required Elements
Your paper must include the following elements:
• Title Page
• Brief abstract
• Paper (10─12 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, APA style) systematically
reviewing the literature on an educational or psychological topic
Research Quality
You will review a minimum of 6 sources. It is imperative that your research sources are from
reputable sources and peer-reviewed journal articles. Your review should be thorough and
thoughtful and sources should be integrated seamlessly. Your claims must be supported by
sources and cited appropriately.
APA Style
APA style must be used throughout the paper including the title page, in-text citations and
quotations, and the reference page.
Your introduction should contain:
• Background information or a description of the issue/topic
• Definitions of key terms
• Description of the educational significance of the topic
• Your purpose and/or research question stated explicitly
Your method section should contain:
• The search strategy or strategies used to locate your studies
• A statement of the databases searched and the key words used
• A description of the criteria that you used for including the studies in your systematic
Your results section should be a narrative critical review of the studies included in your paper.
They should be summarized, critiqued, and synthesized.


In your discussion section, synthesize the research described in your results section into a coherent whole. Evaluate and apply the research to teaching practice. Here is also where you will discuss the limitations of your review and give suggestions for future research.

Writing Conventions

Your paper should: • Follow proper conventions of grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. • Be proofread to eliminate errors missed in initial spelling and grammar check • Be organized, clear, and coherent • Use formal register of academic English