Political Communication

Comm 462: Political Communication take Home midterm
Spring 2020
Due: Friday March 27 by 5:00 pm.
Please write essays for the following questions. Each answer should be 2 pages double spaced minimum (total of 4 pages). Times New Roman 12 pt. Please include any necessary citations from your text, readings, or lecture. No other outside sources needed.

1. When Ben Franklin was asked “what have you given us”, he responded “A Republic, If you can keep it.” What did he mean by this quote? Who are the 3 groups/players responsible for “keeping it?” Discuss the 3 groups and how good of a job they are currently doing. Some concepts that should be discussed and cited (if necessary) are…
o 4th Estate & Functions of Press
o Political Knowledge (US vs Europe), Voting & Civic Engagement
o 1st Amendment rights of people and press
o Polarization of people and politicians
o Give examples when appropriate.

2. Over the last 30 years we have become extremely Polarized in our politics, even to the point of Tribalism. Discuss over the years whey this has become so much worse and define polarization and tribalism. Who or what is to blame? Why is it worse than it is? Give recent examples. Include multiple concepts from class and cite them (i.e . selective processes, Atlantic article on Tribalization, evolution of news, etc.)

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