Egypt Attribution Essay

This is an assignment that will enhance your ability to recognize fine and performing arts as expressions of human experience and to make informed judgments about them. To develop these skills, you will attribute a work of art to a historical period. Review the images and notes from our lectures on Egypt, paying special attention to the way in which artistic style changes according to time period. Select ONE of the two images below, both of which are unfamiliar to you. In paragraph form, attribute (assign) the image to a historical time period of Ancient Egypt. Why do you think that the image belongs to a certain period? Give reasons for your attribution using specific works from the in-class lecture to support your argument. Word count must be between 100 – 150 words. Do not search the internet for these images in an effort to be “right”. That is not the goal of this assignment! Point potential does not depend upon whether or not your attribution is correct. Point potential does depend upon: 1) an attribution to a historical period of Ancient Egypt. (5 points) 2) how you support your argument by way of reference to specific works. (20 points) 3) the use of proper grammar and spelling, as well as word count of 100-150 words. (10 points)

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