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American History

SubjectAmerican History Topicassignment 5 TypeEssay Writer levelHigh SchoolStyleAPA Sources / references LanguageEnglish(U.S.) Description / paper instructions

Read the following and answer the questions below!


1. In his letter to Greeley, how far did Lincoln say he was willing to go to end slavery? What was his paramount goal? What was the significance of his distinction between his “official duty” and his “personal wish”?

2. To what extent were Lincoln’s war aims altered by the Emancipation Proclamation? Why did he specify that the proclamation was “a fit and necessary war measure”? Why did he name specific states, counties, parishes, and cities?

3. In the Gettysburg Address, what did Lincoln say was at stake in the war? What meanings did the address associate with the Union? How might Lincoln’s audience have shaped his message? Who was his audience, both locally and throughout the nation?

Game Design

SubjectIT Game Design
TopicProgramming Game Challenges
Writer levelUniversity
StyleAPA Sources /
LanguageEnglish(U.S.) Description / paper instructions
APA 6th Edition, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,
one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Page length
requirements: 1-2 pages.

The instructions for the paper. On this site
( you will find a description
of a simple robot vs. tank game. The object of this assignment is to
design a program for the robot that provides interesting and
challenging gameplay for the player, yet still loses in the final
battle. Read the rules, then design the programming for the robot, and
test that programming. Then, tweak the programming (and test the new
programming) until you have interesting gameplay. In addition, submit
a short paper describing your testing experience with your robot
design, and how you arrived at your final design. Be sure to address
the game challenges using specific examples. Include at least two
programming sheets for the robot. The first programming sheet should
be your initial design for the robot, and your second sheet should be
your final design. You may include intermediary designs as well. For a
sample programming sheet, see the one included in the site.

Cultural Observation Report

Topic cultural observation report
Type Research paper
Writer level College
Style APA
Sources / references 2
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

• Observation 2: A family from a religious group other than your own (3+ hours)
Students should locate natural settings for these observations (e.g., family homes, restaurants, public
buildings, etc.) in which the persons being interviewed and observed are comfortable. Students should
interview and observe each group for a minimum of three hours (all at once), focusing on the family
dynamics and relationships.
Students must follow this format for each written summary of their observations:
a. Introduction:
i. This section must include a detailed description of what research and theory explain
are the typical family patterns, traditions, etc., one would expect to see in the group.
ii. This section must include scholarly, academic research that clearly explains and
defines the culture.
iii. Scholarly, academic sources should be used to clearly explain and describe
typical activities, family types and structures, relationship dynamics, etc.
iv. This entire section must be grounded in family/cultural research and theories
using only scholarly, academic sources – websites are NOT acceptable sources
for any assignment in this class.
v. This section should be a minimum of approximately 1-2 pages in length
b. Narrative:
i. This section must contain rich, detailed descriptions of the specific behaviors
and interactions of those in the groups being interviewed and observed during
your time with them.
ii. This section should include a detailed description of your interview questions and
responses with the family members of this group and detailed descriptions of all of
the interactions you observed.
iii. This section must accurately reflect the amount of time you spent observing the
group. Brief, cursory descriptions are not enough.
iv. This section must include as many details as possible in order to accurately
describe the interactions exhibited during your observations.
v. This section should be a minimum of approximately 2-3 pages in length
c. Assessment:
i. This section must include some personal reflection, describing the process of
getting to know a family from another culture compared to your own cultural
ii. This section should include explanations of how you changed your ideas about
the group after spending time with the family.
iii. This section should include a discussion of the personal biases, preferences, or
prejudices that you held (or still hold) and why you maintain them, and/or why
you changed them.
iv. This section should include a discussion of how your experiences in your own
group/family are similar and different from those in the other group.
v. Additionally, this section should include an insightful discussion about the
impact this experience had on you.
vi. This section should be a minimum of approximately 2-3 pages in length
d. Complete APA-style Reference List
i. All source materials must be listed and properly documented throughout each
i i . All work must be typed using a 12pt, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch
margins, double-spaced.
iii. Bullet points/lists of any kind cannot be used in these assignments
e. Reminder: These are scholarly research papers. They should be written and
submitted as such.
Your presentation must contain the following

Radioactive Toothpaste

SubjectRadiationTopicRadioactive toothpasteTypeResearch paperWriter levelUniversityStyleChicagoSources / references5LanguageEnglish(U.S.)Description / paper instructions

please follow the instruction

Research thesis:
Research topic: radioactive toothpaste.
The research will explain about conceptual design for radioactive toothpaste and the advantages of radioactive toothpaste compare to the regular one.
The radioactive toothpaste is regular toothpaste mixed with radioactive material that emit x-ray, gamma ray or beta – that have enough energy to sterilize microscopic creatures in our mouths.
Define the concept design:
– Requirements, details, why it works.

Radioactive material required:
– Naturally occurring, mixable with regular toothpaste.
– High enough energy to sterilize and provide extra protection.
– Safe enough. The radiation dose from using is not dangerous.
There are two main points claiming the advantages of the toothpaste.
1- It provides more protections.
For example the radioactive material can sterilize the teeth and gum. Moreover it can keep you tooth brash clean.
2- It is safe.
Calculate the dose due to radiation exposure from the toothpaste for 6 minutes a day due to cleaning three times per day (two minutes per time) year it should not exceed the limited amount for the public.
Shielding cover for the product containment.
These claims should follow this criteria :
Reason —————- evidence ————— data or researches support the evidence.

The research should follow similar criteria.
Paragraph 1: Introduction
_ Problem Statement (1 sentence)
_ Background (2 sentences)
_ Plan of Attack (1 sentence)
_ Paragraph 2: Argument 1
_ Topic sentence
_ Evidence #1
_ Evidence #2
_ Evidence #3
_ Transitional sentence to next paragraph
_ Paragraph 3: Argument 2
_ (Same as above)
_ Paragraph 4: Argument 4
_ (Same as above)
_ Paragraph 5: Opposing View
_ Paragraph 6: Conclusions
Problem Definition
_ Background / Stakeholder Research
Customer / Stakeholder Needs _ Identification
_ Define Functional Requirements / Specifications
_ Develop Strategies and Concepts for Design
_ Define Selection Criteria
_ Analyze, Evaluate and Test Strategies / Concepts
_ Select Strategies / Concepts
_ Detailed Design for Final Design
_ Prototyping / Proof of Concept for Final Design.

if anything is not clear let me know

Urbanization of Europe

SubjectGeography TopicUrbanization of Europe TypeEssay Writer levelUniversity StyleMLA Sources / references2 LanguageEnglish(U.S.) Description / paper instructions

Please answer the following two essay questions in 800 words or less (for each essay). Please be sure to cite sources in the text as well as to construct an essay using paragraphs. I am looking for responses to the questions as they are set out, NOT for brief papers responding to a single word in the questions or, as the case may be, a book report.

1. What is it with “periods”? How do periods of presumably distinctive historical experiences help us understand the urbanization of Europe? What can be problematic about taking periodization too seriously?
2. Modern spectator sport, particularly football (soccer), grew alongside the massive urbanization of Europe, particularly after the 1870s. Trace the story of football and show what light it can throw on distinguishing “popular” from “mass” culture.

using the book, Leif Jerram, Streetlife: The Untold History of Europe’s Twentieth Century (Oxford University Press, 2011), as your reference. Answering question subjectively but getting information from this book.

please write me two essays ( 2pages) each. one essay answering the first question and second essay answering the second question.


SubjectCivil Engineering TopicMATERIAL PROPERTIES OF STEEL AND CONCRETE TypeResearch paper Writer levelUniversity StyleHarvard Sources / referencesLanguageEnglish(U.K.) Description / paper instructions


A technical report on the procedure and results of the experiment is required. At a minimum, the report should contain the following information

1 A description of the test procedure including sketches of the testing apparatus.
2 Stress strain curves for both the steel and concrete.
3 The results should include the elastic modulus (E), yield stress (fy), ultimate strength (fu) and ductility (ef (the strain at failure)) of both samples (are these really applicable for the type of behaviour observed?).
4 The format of the report should follow the guidelines given on the accompany information sheet on “How to
write a laboratory report”
5 To aid students, a Microsoft Word template will be provided.

o You are required to use the 2016 Microsoft Word template. And the results from the excel document attached.
o The Word template provides some more specific guidance/requirements for the report content.

Social Psychology

Subject  Sociology
Topic follow the paper instructions
Type Essay
Writer level College
Style APA
Sources / references follow the paper instructions
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

Term Papers must meet the following criteria to earn all 65 points:

For this assignment you will need to choose one area of Social Psychology that we have learned about up to this point in the semester and compose an extended argument that details the strengths and weaknesses of various theories and applications within that area. my topic is about The Self / Personality..
1) 5 points: Papers need to be 6-7 pages in length, typed, double spaced, with 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Margins need to be 1 inch on all sides. You do not need a title page.

2) 5 points: Papers should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. They should be organized, clear, and you should use citations to back up any claims you make. This paper should be written using APA format (citation and reference page included)

3) 23 points: Describe at least 3 theories from lecture and/or in the textbook as they relate to your chosen area of Social Psychology. Describe the basic idea behind each theory and cite at least 1 academic research article that offers evidence to support each theory. Finally, elaborate on the weaknesses and strengths of each theory you picked.

4) 23 Points: For each theory you choose, describe at least 3 real world examples or applications. For example, if you are talking about a specific Aggression theory, describe a recent observation you made or an event that happened to you in daily life that this theory helps to explain. Or, if you are writing about a theory of Emotion, you can talk about a type of therapy or research experiment that uses this theory. Be specific! (The examples you come up with should NOT be ones discussed in the lecture or textbook.)

5) 9 points: Finally, briefly describe why you chose this specific area of social psychology and share any changes you would make to the theories you chose.
please follow the paper instructions and i will also upload you about theories regarding to this topic. thank you

Natural Ocean Disasters

xinsrc_062120326200498432511Order Details:
Topic: natural ocean disasters
Subject Area: Environmental Issues
Document Type: Essay
Country: United States
Pages: 3 pages/approx 825 words
Double spacing: No
Due In: 4 days
Writing Style: APA
Academic Level: High School
Language: ENGLISH(US)
Instructions: Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you explain the relationship between the ocean and the shoreline. Select and describe a naturally occurring ocean disaster that results from the relationship between weather and climate. Include the following in your paper: What caused the natural event? Would the effects of this event be any different if it occurred at a high or low tide? If so, how? How does this event change the wave action of the ocean? Which ocean currents–deep and surface–pass near or through the disaster impact area? Is the disaster affected by surface or deep ocean currents? If so, how? Explain how the ocean-atmosphere relationship influences weather and climate. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. A minimum of two references are required.

What Makes a Top 100 Hospital

ncbOrder Details:
> Topic: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?”
> Subject Area: Business
> Document Type: Essay
> Country: United States
> Pages: 3 pages/approx 825 words
> Double spacing: No
> Due In: 24hours
> Writing Style: APA
> Academic Level: Undergraduate
> Language: ENGLISH(US)
> Instructions:DOUBLE SPACED

Application Paper: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?” Your assignment is to visit the website of one of the top 100 hospitals on the list in this link: Top 20 out of Top 100 Hospitals. After reviewing the hospital and health system and analyzing its services and organizational structure, you are to write a 500–1,000 word (two to four pages) paper on what you feel has made this facility a top 100 hospital. All papers must be submitted in the APA format, which includes title page and reference page, with APA-formatted references. In Doc Sharing,