Subject TopicRobotics

TypePowerpoint Presentation

Writer levelHigh School


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Description / paper instructions

I will attach instructions files for the PPp! However, I already did 3 slides so Im gonna add the PP file that I already did, you will add some information to my 3 slides that I already did, they are the title slide, worksite slide which are free “these are free from” and Mathematical page that you going add more information to it. Moreover, there will be an outline slide. Also, I need 3 sources for the PPp, I got one source so I need two more, one of them it should be refereed research article on the same topic area and the other it could not refereed. Also, I will add a literature critique that I might use on the “background slide’

Please read the instructions correctly!

If you have any questions please feel free!

I couldn’t add the Powerpoint file that I already worked on it! how can I send it to you?

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Subject Marketing
Topic Week 5
Type Research paper
Writer level College
Style APA
Sources / references 2
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

Locate a local retailer in your area, and discuss with them how they go about conducting marketing research. You should at a minimum ask them the following questions:

How do you conduct marketing research for your organization?
How do you determine the population to be researched?
What method is used for deriving a sample (nature and size)?

After gaining insights from the local retailer, log on to to get a download of an Excel spreadsheet for a sample size table. The spreadsheet enables users to change the margin of error, con?dence level, and population size. Review the example and then experiment with different combinations with populations of 500, 1000 and 2500 with a 90%, 95% and 99% levels of confidence and a degree of accuracy of 2.5%.

Evaluate the insights gained from your local retailer based on what you learned from the spreadsheet and the reading for the week. Discuss the importance of understanding the population and sampling. Evaluate the implications of this knowledge to the local retailer you used.

Diet Analysis

Diet Analysis
Compare your food intake against your USDA standard using the USDA MyPlate Menu Planner.
(If you deem the information needed for this assignment to be personal, you can develop a reference individual.)
1. First go to  and create a profile.  Enter your: name, age, gender, weight, height and physical activity level.  Then, click submit.
2. Next go to and type the food list of foods you consume in a typical day/24 hours.  List the specific name of the food consumed (i.e. ground beef, carrots, milk) and the amount consumed.  There are no foods called meat, fruits, or vegetables. Choose the amount consumed, the No. of servings, the portion size, & the meal, & click add.  Repeat the process until all the foods have been entered for the day.
Guidelines for portion sizes you can use as references:
½ cup is about 1 handful, 1 cup is about 2 handfuls
1 soda can is 12 ounces
1 teaspoon is about the size of your pinkie finger
1 tablespoon is about the size of your thumb
3 ounces of meat/fish/poultry is about the size of a deck of cards
1 ounce of cheese is about the size of a computer disk
3. Answer the following questions
1. How many calories were recommended?
2. How many calories were actually consumed?
4. Fill out the following chart concerning your “MyPlate”.
Food Group Recommended Actual Approximate % Consumed
Ounces of grains
Cups of vegetables
Cups of fruits
Cups of milk
Cups of meat/beans
5. Click on Reports (at top of screen)
Go to Nutrient Reports
Select the day you input it in the calendar.
Choose Five vitamins and minerals you didn’t meet Name of actual  food that could be added to improve the status

Computer Science Technology

Subject Computer Sciences Technology
Topic ENTD321-Assignment 5
Type Coursework
Writer level College
Style APA
Sources / references 1-3
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

Review the IT Online Training Specification description and Project Part I Document Outline.
2. Develop an application class diagram that includes entity classes, user interface classes, boundary, and controller classes. Review the use cases to make certain that the application class diagram supports the use case functions. Include a discussion of your application class model.
2.1. Use your CASE tool to create the application class diagram. Add text that includes your name and course number directly on the diagram.
3. Develop a System Architecture for your IT Online Training application. Use some of the Microsoft suggest techniques or the web application techniques and present your architecture. Use the 4+1 approach with the UML diagrams. We won’t have detailed class diagrams yet but you can get a good start on the architecture. You already have developed the class diagrams and use case diagrams that you can use and modify as necessary. Include a discussion of your architecture how it meets the needs of your application. Use the following article from your readings to help determine the appropriate UML diagrams to use: FCGSS. (2007). Applying 4+1 View Architecture with UML 2. Retrieved March 20, 2013 from See the following for a sample architecture: Course Registration System: Software Architecture Document Version 1.0. Retrieved from
3.1. Use your CASE tool to create the System Architecture models. Add text that includes your name and course number directly on the diagram.
4. Submit a Word document with the following content:
4.1. Place your name and course number at the top of the document.
4.2. Application class model and discussion with screenshots of the diagram.
4.3. System Architecture and discussion with screenshots of the diagrams.
5. When you submit your Word file, use your name as part of the file name, e.g., ENTD321Assignment5_FirstNameLastName

Narratives and Myths

Subject Literature and Languages
Topic Narratives and Myths
Type Rewriting
Writer level High School
Style MLA
Sources / references
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

You have done this assignment for me few days ago I want it to be rewritten because its not supposed to be about poor people it is supposed to be about gender roles in society.
for instance from the story :
they teach the little girl to be perfect for their man and obey them, and always look pretty for him, so basically society expectation of gender roles.

And I want to add 3 claims: from 4 different sources I want you to add 4 new sources :
the claims have to be something like::
plastic surgery to look good for men.

and to obey them
and that single women are not as good as married women
If you have any questions email me.

Golden Rectangle


TopicGolden Rectangle


Writer levelCollege


Sources / references


Description / paper instructions

Reference our Visual Display book by Tufte, Chapter 9 “Aesthetics and Technique in Data Graphical Design.” Read the final section in this chapter, “Proportion and Scale: The Shape of Graphics” which is pp. 186-190 in my edition.

Answer these questions:

1) Should graphics tend toward the horizontal or the vertical (i.e., should they be greater in length or in height)?

2) What are three reasons supplied by the author that support your answer in 1)?

3) What is the Golden Rectangle? What is the proportion of length to width in the Golden Rectangle?

4) Provide one example (show it) of a graphic that has dimensions close to the Golden Rectangle. Remember to cite your source(s).

5) At the end the section the author suggests that, absent special situations that call for exceptional graphic designs, a good general rule of thumb is to strive for graphics of approximately what general dimensions?

Website Critique

Subject Nutrition
Topic Website Qritique
Type Coursework
Writer level High School
Style APA
Sources / references 2
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

Find out from each of the following websites the source of the information. Identify the information sources of the websites: is it private, company, a government agency, or a school or university? Compare the different websites for their level of reliability of information and summarize the websites chosen by supporting your ideas with relevant facts or research, with references included.


Food Log

Subject Nutrition
Topic Food Log My Plate
Type Essay
Writer level High School
Style APA
Sources / references 1
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions

Summarize the basic principles of nutrition and a healthy diet.

MyPlate Directions: This essay is designed to help you evaluate your eating habits by using the website.
You will keep track of the food you eat for three days and write a one to two page report addressing the questions below.

Keep track of the foods you eat each day for three days.
1. Review the following instruction for SuperTracker then Log onto sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture.
2. Follow the directions on the sheets and fill each one out completely, including the questions at the bottom.
Now compare your Meal Tracking Worksheets with your personalized Daily Food Plan. Write a one to two page report responding to the following questions:
1. How did your actual diet compare to the recommended servings for each group?
2. In what groups were you low or high?
3. What changes could you make to increase your servings in a group in which you were low?
4. How does your activity compare to the recommendation?


Subject Nutrition
Topic Discussion Post/ Recipe
Type Essay
Writer level High School
Style APA
Sources / references 1
Language English(U.S.)
Description / paper instructions


Identify the terms monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides, glycogen, fiber, glucose, and insulin. Review the above terms and post a few of your favorite recipes or recipes you find on the web. Identify the different carbohydrate ingredients and determine which types of carbohydrates they are. Include your references used

Flight Operations Map

SubjectBusiness and Economics

TopicCase Study

TypeResearch paper

Writer levelUniversity


Sources / references2-4


Description / paper instructions

Northeastern Airlines is a regional airline serving nine cities in the New England states as well as cities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While nonstop flights are available for some of the routes, connecting flights are often necessary. The network shows the cities served and profit in U.S. dollars per passenger along each of these routes. The routes from Boston-to-Providence and from Providence-to-Boston make only $ 9 per passenger profit after all expenses. To service these cities, Northeastern operates a fleet of sixteen 122-passenger Embraer E-195 jets. These jets, which were first introduced by Embraer in late 2004, have helped Northeastern Airlines remain profitable for a number of years. However, in recent years, the profit margins have been falling, and Northeastern is facing the prospect of downsizing their operations. Management at Northeastern Airlines has considered several options to reduce cost and increase profitability. Due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the company must continue to serve each of the nine cities. How they serve these cities, however, is up to the management at Northeastern. One suggestion has been made to provide fewer direct flights, which would mean that a city served by Northeastern might only have direct flights to one other city. The company plans to hire a marketing analytics consultant to determine how demand would be impacted by longer flights with more connections, and to forecast the demand along each of the routes based on a modified flight operations map. Before hiring the consultant, the company would like to first determine the most profitable (on a profit per passenger basis) way to continue serving all of the cities.

Discussion Questions:

1. Develop a flight operations map that still serves each of the nine cities, but maximizes the company’s profit per passenger. (Hint: Find the MAXIMAL-spanning tree)

2. Comment on how the 16 jets should be assigned.